Cockpit Mission Recorder. Digital Analog and Full HD video recording.
From 8GB to 512GB
DZUS Mounting


This unit has been design for cockpit installation (DZUS Mounting), with a quick access to the memory cartridge for post flight analysis. This system is capable to record High definition video/audio (720p/i or 1080p/i) or lower resolution PAL/NTSC, digital data bus(MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429 ...) and analog data (Like strain gauges, Discrete...) .

  • Lightweight mission recorder
  • Quick access recorder (QAR)
  • From 8GB to 256 GB
  • Full NVG/night/day compatibility
  • Qualified MIL-Spec for airborne use
  • Panel mounted with DZUS fasteners
  • Events marker

Technical specifications

Size (D x W x H)
190mm x 146mm x 85.7mm
About 1.4 Kg

Input Connector


Power supply
28Volts DC (16 to 36V) MIL STD704 E Consumption: 12 watts nominal. Ultra capacitor "to preserve recorder of power cuts (power interruption >100ms)

Electronics electrically isolated of the primary 28 Volts supply. GND electronics is also isolated of the DTMUX-M2 external box.

Passive convection

Position of use
All positions

MTBF> 30 000 hours
MTTR< 30 minutes

Delivered with a transport suitcase equipped to receive the DTMUX-M2 and accessories.

Technical specifications

Environmental specifications

MIL STD810F 0.04 g of 5 to 1000 Hz, 1 hour per axis (3 axis

MIL STD 810F 1/2 sinus, > 60 g, 11ms (6/2 axis) in functioning

MIL STD 810F/ RTCA/DO-160E 1/2 sinus, > 60 g, 11ms (6/2 axis) in functioning

Operating Temperature
- 40C to + 71C.

Extreme operating temperature
- 55C to + 85C [no destructive] Test MIL STD 810F

Humidity in use
5% to 95 % without condensation MIL STD 810F

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMI)
MIL STD 461 Rev. F (10/12/2007) MIL-STD-464 Rev. C (01/12/2010)

Altitude and decompression
Min: -1500 feet, max: 60,000 feet
With 12.000 feet/minute
(420 Kpa/minute), MIL STD 810F.

Altitude max. storage
No limit

Storage temperature
- 55C to + 90C

Humidity in storage
5% to 95 % without condensation MIL STD 810F

Aircraft Electrical Power Characteristics
Power down 100 millisecond

Modules and options

    Digital/Bus Modules
  • PCM Acquisition/Restitution v
  • serial FPDP (Fiber) 3
  • ARINC 429 v
  • MIL-STD-1553 v
  • AFDX / ARINC 664 3
  • Stanag 3910 v
  • Ethernet 3
  • CAN bus v
  • Differential discrete v
  • Pulses Measure/Counter v
  • PCM Merger v
  • RS 422/485 v
  • RS 232 v
  • Video/Audio Modules
  • Video SD $
  • Video HD $
  • Accessory(ies)
  • HD Camera & Area Mic combo
  • Crash protected memory unit