Etep Team, search for last and best technologically advanced solutions in electronic to provide our customers


Etep Team, search for last and best technologically advanced solutions in electronic to provide our customers

Since the Nineties, etep decided to federate the whole of these technological means, to build a "product" policy: coherent and evolutionary.

To achieve this objective, which was to make that the same structure was to provide the interface between the hardware and the software: the format "Irig 106 per block" was adopted like format of acquisition, transport and storage of all information collected by etep subsystems.

This policy was to lead us to carry out data acquisition boards (analogical and digital) as well as software able to exploit these data, respecting the same formats, but also the same protocols and "the timing".

This coherence in our developments, allowed us to follow customer’s needs, to build material or software bridges (for "operating system" compatibility, tools to create compatible format for measurement data base).

The concept (and more particularly DTMUX format) ensures that each material or software entity are able to create and to interpret DTMUX format. These data channels are gathered by block, and blocks are written in a file with regular interval (generally every 40 ms) are stored by block in a file. Each one of these participating channels gives to the total file built a standardized heading including in particular: the type of channel, date, channel number, block number...

The advantage of this structure is to allow the cohabitation within the same recording of various types of data: analogical source digital information (serial or parallels) or specifics channel like the audio or video channel, rough or compressed.

It is today this universality in the cohabitation of all the types of signals, intervening at same the time on one or more site, which makes the interest of this concept.

Achievements, carried out with the CNES and Dassault aviation one in particular allowed systems D.T MUX to ensure the memory of the flights: the European rockets ARIANE.

Other achievements, based on this principle allow today, in many centers of expertise and tests, in the maritime or air to ensure the coordination of the collected information.