Crash Survivable Memory Unit - Optional equipment for D.T.MUX Sfamily, M or Nano(X,S2,S), to be sure to recover data in case of catastrophic accident


Sentinel - Crash Survivable Memory Unit

Sentinel - Crash Survivable Memory Unit is an optional unit design for all our Airborne Data Recorders, if you need a crash protected module (CPM) for your applications like flight testing, to be sure to recover data in case of a serious accident. This CPM has been design to meet all the performance and survivability requirements of EURO CAE ED-155 or ED- 112 normalization.

To take an example you can have a mission recorder in the cockpit with removable cartridge and have a sentinel unit in the tail of the plane connected to the mission recorder who recorded exactly the same things or add on parameters.

Sentinel CSMU is available in two types of Version CSMU-ED155 light version and CSMU-ED112 more rugged version. An optional underwater acoustic beacon is available to facilitate the location of the recorder

You can configure the recorder to meet your specific requirements for your air vehicle. The all in one solution package that weighs ~5Kg (11lbs) with Nano airborne recorder.

Sentinel recorder can be designed on your specific requirement, you no longer have to compromise on what you want or spend your limited engineering resources to modify an existing system.

Applications: Commercial Aircraft, Military aircraft , UAV , Helicopter,

Memory protection

High level, data encryption technology (Private key) is available on Crash protected memory, To ensure a perfect data security in all circumstances.

Technical specifications

Sentinel with Nano mission recorder

Reliability: >35,000 operating hours MTBF
Input Power: 12 to 28 Vdc, MIL-STD-704E
Power Consumption ~3 watts depending on configuration
Cooling Passive convection
Weight 6,6. depending on configuration (6,2 lbs. without beacon)

Titanium Crash Protected Memory (CPM)

Color: Fluorescent International Orange (FS 38903)

high-reflectivity white stripes

Crash Protected Memory (CPM)
4, 8, 64 Gbytes or 128 Gbytes

Environmental specifications

Sentinel Under High temperature fire test

Temperature Range: Operating: -40 C to +71 C,
Non-operating: -54 C to +85 C
Environments: Service shock 43 g, vibration 26 gRMS,
altitude 50,000 feet, humidity 100%
Withstands: acceleration, sand,dust, salt, fungus, fluids, ozone, explosive atmosphere, Acoustic noise
BIT: Power-up, initiated, periodic,

Crash survivability (Meet EUROCAE ED-112 requirements)

Impact Shock: 3400 G, 6.5 ms half sine
Static Crush: 5,000 lbs.
Penetration: 500 lbs. dropped from 10 feet with 1/4" diameter impact pin
Fire: 50,000 BTU/sq. ft./hr. for 60 minutes at 1,100C
Immersion: Seawater at 20,000 feet for 30 days