This FDM software is based on Google Earth Mapping data base, for a more realistic flight replay conditions. DTMUX Flight intuitive interface with clear, menu-driven options is quick to learn and easy to use. DTMUX Flight is adapted to any type of aircraft, fixed wing and rotary wing. A wide range of graphical gauge is available as well many 3D model of aircraft (Fighters,Helicopters,civil aircraft ...). This software is perfect for flight training or flight test analysis , to follow deviation during a flight and aircraft life, for accident investigation also. This software is evolving with our customers so DTMUX Flight can be delivered in your special requirement, with your aircraft configuration, like specific gauges and your 3D model aircraft. This software is constantly evolving, and any updates are available for free (Automatic update from our server).

DTMUX Flight permit to replay and view the essential flight parameters like:

  • 720p, 1080p Video of Flight (Four Video in same time)
  • Latitude, Longitude by GPS or DataBus
  • Altitude, AGL Altitude
  • Profile Graph
  • Ground speed, Vertical speed
  • Engine speed, rotor speed
  • 1 to 4 audio channels selectable (Intercom, Ambient ...)
  • 1 to 4 video channels selectable (Cockpit view ...)
  • Standard deviation and other advanced statistical functions, configuration and visualisation
  • And many others ...

The advantage is that you have no extra cost of buying a flight data monitoring software. All tools necessary to the operation of our recorders are included with each, with no additional charge. Specific software module can be built at the order on your special requirements.