Our company has always been designing innovative, cost-effective solutions that help industry leaders to find the perfect solution to their needs . We’ve worked with some of the most recognizable names in Aerospace, Navy and ground transporation. You can trust us to solve and create device specifically tailored for your specific needs.

etep is a company with a strong engineering and manufacturing base. We are vertically integrated with design, engineering, prototype & fabrication all occurring at our facility. Because we design all portions of our products and own all Intellectual Property it allows us the flexibility to provide comprehensive services and quick turn times.

We continually work to innovate; adding features and improving the quality of our products. A history of customization and building to specifications allows us to use our extensive experience integrating signals and systems to produce rugged, reliable & innovative products.

Whether your requirement involves matching a specific footprint, interfacing to multiple sources and signal types or complete design of a system, etep offers the ability and flexibility to design hardware and software to meet a wide range of requirements.