Version 10, include new powerful functions, the mainly improve is the adding tools of Post Processing functions and the total support of decommutation of parameters like MIL STD1553,ARINC 429, PCM and many others.

The Universal Recorder Software Suite controls settings, calibration, real-time acquisition, real-time replay (generation), other playback modes (replay emulation), export/conversion data, post-processing and network interface.

Four data source are supported:

  • Telemetry ( PCI/PCIE boards requested ): record bit streams or frames
  • Interface boards for analogical, video, serial data, digital data, ARINC, MILSTD1553, Ethernet…
  • Ethernet port for data from other ETEP Recorders
  • DTMUX Files or IRIG106 files (Chapter 10) on HDD, SDD, DVD, USB device, tape, …

List of supported input data: Analog signal, temperature ( thermocouple, PT100, … ), digital, TTL, count, frequency meter, PCM signal ( bits or frames ), MILSTD1553, ARINC 429, AFDX, DIGIBUS, Asynchronous Serial Buses (RS232, RS422), Synchronous Serial Buses (HDLC), Parallel Data, GPS, Network (TCP/IP, UDP), Video (PAL/NTSC/ HDTV up to 1080p/VGA/SDI, jpeg2000/H264, … )

Post-processing tool

  • This module realize mathematical, statistic and signal processing operation.
  • Two file format are supported: DTMUX format and IRIG106 Chapter 10 format
  • Lists of channel are displayed in a tree view. A timeline enable to select a useful area easily: search location can be on position, on time or on event.
  • Zoom function enable to view more details or to select a new area.
  • Displayed graph can be printed.
  • User writes calculation lines in the console
  • Main spectral analyses available are: FFT, power spectrum, energy spectrum, auto-correlation, inter-correlation, coherence function…
  • Main mathematical functions available are: absolute value, square root, square, power, exponential, logarithms, sine, cosine, derivation, integral,
  • Main digital filters available are: basic, finite impulse response, Butterworth, envelop

Additional modules

  • Conversion Modules: This module convert whole or part of records into files binary, real, Excel, ASCII, Scilab, Matlab, DTMUX, video, FDA, …, …, or sounds (WAVE) or Chapter 10 IRIG106, …
  • File format analyzer: This module checks the integrity of main structure of files, create list of channel, and verify Time Stamping of main packet header.
  • NTFS Tool for SSD etep: This module format SSD for ETEP AIRBORN RECORDERS, supporting NTFS for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.