etep is ISO 9001 v2008,
Certified company

Today, we continue our development international by supporting us on our know-how and the control of the standards and the requirements emitted by our customers. Certification ISO 9001 v 2008 delivered by organization SGS in 2005 proves the recognition and the capacity to be able to make live a System of Management by Quality within our company.

This certification supports our development in the world of measurement. We must maintain it, pledge of our undeniable position consolidated in our field. Our goal is today to offer services whose level at the same time is guaranteed and improved uninterrupted, being based on a innovating method of design and realization of products.

The vision that we must have is above all to satisfy any type of customer specialist, in order to be with the listening of their requirements, to lavish councils and to answer their waitings. The quality of our work is our gratification. We cultivate in the company a collective operation, where each collaborator is implied and responsabilis, and who is based on a permanent communication of which we try with the daily newspaper to improve the traceability.

We must convince our future customers which it made the good choice, that of a partner serious and reliable, able to provide a service in constant evolution.