The desire to constantly redefine the boundaries of ours recorders and to create technology with real-world relevance is at the heart of every etep card. Compact recorders or universal systems with a full range of cards designed to meet all your various needs. Our highly professional software allows the presentation, in real time of information: whether it is synthetic or natural. They bring a help increasingly more powerful to the monitoring and the decision to the operators subjected to difficult experimental constraints.

Two great lines of products make it possible to satisfy all your needs : Acquisition frontals : universal acquisition systems with integrated computer and flat panel Recorders of instrumentation or mission: compact box, generally easily transportable or embarked, embedded systems. his products are based on DTMUX technology. These products try to answer simple and fundamental criteria with the best performances: Seek the most evolved and miniaturized electronic components. Implementation of the most universal operating system. Connections to open standards of the multi-media world. Etep aims to make "measurement" an open and powerful discipline, thanks to tools effective and simple to implement.

At ETEP, our duty is providing customers with last technologically advanced solutions that combine industry-leading functionality with flawless quality and economical value.

Our engineering team consists of experienced design, project, test, field service, and manufacturing engineers that all work together to support customers from conceptualization through product design and development, and into fielded service.

We recognize that a strong design and development process is fundamental to accomplishing this mission. Accordingly, our knowledgeable and talented engineering staff continuously expands their expertise and capability in the following key disciplines:

Historical Markets

  • Acquisition systems for radar or sonar.
  • Embedded acquisition and recording data systems.
  • Ground telemetry station for aircraft, rocket…

Main Aerospace Markets

  • Ground Telemetry, real time acquisition and Restitution
  • Airborne data acquisition systems, real time telemetry for flight test center.
  • Embedded Mission recorder for military or civil aircraft, helicopter or UAV.
  • High speed Airborne systems and high capacity storage
  • Crash protected memory unit meet ED-155, ED-112 normalization.
The “816H Multiplex”
One of first portable
multiplexed recording system
in 1982

Brief History

1980: ETEP start the production of portable devices for acquisition/Recording equipment for the purpose of Medical physiological study. After ETEP product embedded acoustic acquisition/Recording equipment for the purpose of navy placed in submerged buoy (Sonar purpose).

1990: ETEP start production of numerous recorder for Sonar and radar purpose to be embedded in military boat and submarine. First robust recorder are placed inside torpedo for test purpose. ETEP Start production of embedded Recorder for flight test purpose for French flight test center.

2000: ETEP start development of Mission Airborne data recorders for fighter . ETEP continue the development of product line in flight test acquisition systems and recording systems and exports its products around the world